Optimize your cloud-based functionality with engineering services that focus your business needs with powerful data rich insights and bespoke design structure.

Protect your cloud environment

Cloud engineering utilizes software, security, web, and IT engineering disciplines to focus on cloud functionalities such as software, platform, and infrastructure services.

Transform your business with a state-of-the-art data ecosystem primed to propel your company forward.

Combined cloud engineering methodologies leverage the tools and practices available to streamline and innovate web-based functionality.

G2 Ops Cloud Architects and Engineers focus on your needs and concerns to design a cloud infrastructure wholly focused on your success.

The G2 Ops Cloud Engineering group provides dynamic cloud functionality to enhance client systems by transitioning from legacy on-premises to cloud-based systems while directing a forward-thinking strategy. Utilizing AWS Cloud Services, cloud architecture, security, and engineering capabilities, we analyze a client’s system, requirements, and business needs to design a unique, solutions-based design optimized to serve individual company needs with efficiency and speed. Our team possesses considerable reach back and collaboration with G2 Ops Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) engineers and Digital Twin experts to enhance our systems design and analysis. This collaboration allows us to deliver optimized and innovative solutions to customers that require answers to their business problems now.

Cloud Computing Strategy

G2 Ops Cloud Architects have experience in programming languages, open-source technology, software development, web service designs, and systems integration, and AWS Cloud Services, all informing our detailed and client-centric needs in developing a cloud environment that provides utility, functionality, and security for sensitive data.

Cloud Security

Data, applications, credentials, accessibility, and connectivity all require multilayered security protocols and procedures designed to keep the bad actors out while allowing authorized users the ability to perform critical tasks without interruption. G2 Ops security measures integrate our unique understanding of cyber and cloud security to provide protection and functionality in seamless collaboration.

Cloud Management

Client-required bespoke system design requires equally detailed management for peak functionality. G2 Ops MBSE and Cyber Security expertise combined with Cloud design form a solid foundation for cloud maintenance and management. We design the systems with superior understanding, with a recognition for scalability, innovation, and continuous operations in mind.