A new cyber-resilient approach for warfighting platforms

A new cyber-resilient approach for warfighting platforms

Large Systems of Systems (SoS) that our nation depends on are difficult to protect from cyberattacks however through a pair of SBIR contracts, G2 Ops has developed comprehensive solutions for the Navy’s cybersecurity needs.


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, February 1, 2023 – Our nation’s critical warfare assets, such as Arleigh Burke class destroyers (DDGs) and the AEGIS Weapons System (AWS), are uniquely difficult to protect from cyberattacks. They are examples of large Systems of Systems (SoS) running multiple concurrent mission threads, presenting vast numbers of threat surfaces that include complex integrated systems, satellite communications links, sensor fusion platforms and many human/machine interfaces. There is an approach suitable for mitigating cyber risks and improving resiliency across even the most sophisticated integrated systems. Our engineering team has been working through a pair of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs to better protect parts of some of the Navy’s most important warfighting platforms and weapons system programs.

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