Avoid cost and enhance user experience with IT services aligned to true business needs.
Avoid cost and enhance user experience with IT services aligned to true business needs.

Protect your business operations

IT service management (ITSM) provides a unified approach for planning and governing how technology products and services are delivered. Avoid obsolescence risks and prevent overspending by providing IT services that are tightly aligned with your business needs.

A process-based approach tailored to your organization

Let our expert consultants guide you to the creation of optimal future scenarios and road maps.

Align IT services with your business goals and optimize the mix of people, processes and products.

IT and cybersecurity program offices often struggle to consistently demonstrate value to customers. IT service management (ITSM) is a fast-growing approach being used by sophisticated organizations to ensure delivery of an optimal mix of IT people, processes and technology products aligned with their organizational business goals.

G2 Ops helps clients initiate and refine ITSM programs to ensure their IT policies, processes and technologies deliver the most value. Through our structured G2impact engagement model, we look beyond your specific IT products and technologies to create a process-based approach tailored to your organization’s needs. Immediate benefits include improved approaches to defining requirements, rationalizing service portfolios, managing obsolescence and deciding when to “go live” with new services. An MBSE-created digital twin is an ideal companion asset, serving as the configuration management database and pipeline for the ITSM process.

Powerful Counterpart

Digital Twin Technology

The digital twin is a digital proxy of your systems, data, network, activities and operations that provides a view of past, present and future behavior. G2 Ops uses model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to create digital twins that provide a single integrated view of your distributed technology infrastructure overlaid with your business processes. MBSE serves as the configuration management database so your ITSM approach can detect and solve problems faster and predict outcomes to a much higher degree of accuracy.

G2 Ops uses digital twin technology to capture the mission threads that run through your infrastructure and highlight data flow and system dependencies to gain a comprehensive view of your “as is” environment. This allows us to virtually eliminate guesswork from determining the best course of action to take in configuration planning for your modernization, obsolesce and cybersecurity. You can see where modernization is most needed and where protection measures will best ensure continuity and security for your critical data and business processes. And, you gain actionable insights to know how to prioritize your technology improvements based on business impact.