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Stories from our team.

G2 Blog:

Stories from our team.

Part II: Engineering Systems Integration or Systems Engineering Integration?

I mentioned in my last blog about Integration and eluding to its relation to systems engineering. In my humble opinion systems engineering is quite different than integration. The planning is different, the structures are different, and the thinking is different. Systems engineers (as others) do systems integration planning and objects integration itself.  If you take any device or system(s), thing, wicket (well let’s just call whatever ‘it’ is an Object) and connect them in any...
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Mark Morgan, Senior Systems Engineer, G2 Ops

What is a Systems Engineer?

A Systems Engineer can be viewed as a master of a process not the product; they guide all other engineering principles. Unfortunately, the title of Systems Engineer is used analogously in many technical domains of industry without fully understanding the real meaning of the discipline. Individuals not versed in systems engineering often seem unable to appreciate the befuddlements indicative of performing systems engineering and or systems integration. The customary work of the Systems Engineer is...
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Steve Kurak, Senior Security Engineer, G2 Ops

Speed to Capability versus Accreditation

The current method of assessing Cybersecurity risk of operation for Department of Defense (DOD) does not meet the Warfighters need to quickly employ state-of-the-art Technology solutions in tactical systems. Service Chiefs strive to provide new capabilities to the warfighter at a rapid rate.  This is sometimes referred to as “Speed to Capability.” Service Chiefs also have a responsibility to ensure that all Information Systems (IS) are resilient against Cyber attackers.  This defense is intended to...
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A look inside…. G2 Ops Information Technology Department

When we think about creating an environment to support and manage our company assets, we look at three critical factors; 1. Ability to adapt to our environment and client needs, 2. Agility in incorporating changes for continuous improvement, and 3. Keep the bigger picture in mind so we can anticipate and evaluate any risks.  As a leader in providing consulting to other companies on protecting their assets, we want to share some of the tools...
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