G2 Ops Blog:

Stories from our team.

G2 Ops Blog:

Stories from our team.

Why Strive for Excellence?

By Douglas Clark – Corporate Communications Manager Keywords: Excellence, improvement, good, experience, outstanding, mindset, effort, energy, intent, mission statement, vision statement, higher standard, accomplishment, principles Estimated Reading Time (ERT) 4 minutes   There’s an old saying that goes ‘Perfect is the enemy of Good’. People have tried and failed for perfection. But why is that? Perfection, by its very definition, is practically impossible. Being without flaw goes against pretty much everyone’s experience. So, although Perfection...
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G2 Ops Blog Year in Review 2021-2022

Keywords: Systems Architecture, SysML, Petri Nets, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Blockchain, Procedure Writing, Health and Happiness, Internship, Microsoft Azure, Company Culture, AT&T 5G Smart Warehouse Network, Social Media, Investing Time in You, Branding Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes   As a Systems Engineering company, G2 Ops looks at multiple factors when we start the process of innovation and improvement. That means looking at the whole picture. Business, work, and personal life balances all play a part...
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Why is Branding Important for a Business?

By Douglas Clark, G2 Ops Corporate Communications Manager Keywords: Business, Branding, logos, fonts, formats, color schemes, marketplace, public, competitors, image and style, customer service, public relations, crisis management, social causes, philosophy, perspective, actions Estimated reading time: 4 minutes   How does a company set itself apart from its competitors and make a lasting impression on customers, clients, and the public? The voice of any one company can get drowned out by the countless competitors in...
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Invest time in who you want to be

Invest Time in Who You Want to Be – Being and Doing

Taniesha Simmons – Executive Assistant Keywords – Being, Doing, identity, concepts, career, personality, interests, Who do you want to be, What do you do, personal development, talents, cultivate, self-actualization Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes     Have you ever considered who you want to be? We often ask children “what” they want to be in adulthood, but rarely “who” they’d like to become. “What do you do?” is a common question we Americans ask people...
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