Manage cyber risk to reduce business interruptions caused by malicious activity or system flaws.
Manage cyber risk to reduce business interruptions caused by malicious activity or system flaws.

Protect your critical assets

Today’s threat landscape demands greater diligence in containing risks to sensitive data and critical business operations. Every organization needs a comprehensive security program to adequately prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

Governance and compliance improvements drive lasting change in risk posture

Measure your security program against trusted security frameworks to identify gaps and define a path to program maturity.

The only sure thing is change. Have internal and external changes introduced new risks and reduced your security?

Security assessments ensure your assets are properly configured and meeting performance expectations.

Industry and regulatory requirements evolve over time. Is your business keeping up?

Let our experts measure your compliance posture, prioritize a remediation path, and lead you to meet expectations.

G2 Ops experts provide cybersecurity services to identify and mitigate risks affecting complex technology platforms and applications across the threat landscape.

G2 Ops provides strategic security assessments and advisory services for cybersecurity planning, maturity, governance and compliance. Our consultants provide the expertise and leadership clients need to define and establish a holistic cybersecurity program, deliver operational guidance, and verify their operational security posture.

Our expertise in security technologies and regulations enables G2 Ops to assess preparedness and prioritize actionable mitigation strategies. Through our URM methodology, we systematically identify and catalog the current state of business and technology environments, assess the “as is” state using security framework standards, and deliver prioritized mitigation strategies aligned to business goals and resources. As a result, our clients are positioned to meet regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of exposing critical assets.

G2 Ops consultations start by understanding your expectations for system security, then our experts validate your technologies, programs, and controls.

With our focus on fully understanding their business, technology systems, and security maturity, our clients understand their risk posture and can prioritize remediation. This approach fits clients’ true needs and avoids security controls that could cause disruption to core business processes and operations.

Maintaining a current assessment is challenging due to constant changes in the threat landscape and how they interact with ongoing evolutions in business and technology environments. Add turnover in personnel and undocumented configuration changes, and you have an unknown security posture. This leads to systems not working as expected and new vulnerabilities being introduced.

Our security and technology expertise enables us to measure preparedness and recommend actionable prioritized mitigation strategies. Through the URM methodology, we systematically identify and catalog the current state of your business and technology environments, assess the “as is” state against your preferred security framework, and then deliver a prioritized set of mitigation strategies that are aligned to your business goals and available resources. As a result, our clients are well positioned to reduce the risk of exposing critical assets.

G2 Ops has decades of experience measuring compliance posture and remediating gaps for large and small clients in government, education and commercial enterprises.

Department of Defense Compliance
The Department of Defense (DoD), as of 12/31/17, has explicit and stringent requirements for how contractors and subcontractors must safeguard Covered Defense Information (CDI) and report cyber incidents. The DoD requires that suppliers demonstrate compliance by documenting their System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action & Milestones (POAM).

G2 Ops, as a veteran DoD contractor with top secret clearances, helps other suppliers understand their current compliance posture, fulfill SSP and POAM requirements and establish a path toward full compliance. G2 Ops has been working with NIST standards for decades and we routinely generate compliance plans for federal as well as nonfederal information systems. G2 Ops can guide you to meeting cybersecurity expectations for the Defense Federal Acquisition Requirements Supplement (DFARS) without interrupting your day-to-day operations. G2 Ops is staying in lockstep with the Department of Defense (DoD) in understanding and interpreting their Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements. The DoD is moving towards third-party certification and away from self-attestation.

Powerful Counterpart

Security Checkup Service

Security assessments are essential to understanding an organization’s point-in-time risk posture. Unfortunately, annual audits often become obsolete quickly, failing to address new risks that appear throughout the year.

G2 Ops Security Checkup is a monthly subscription service that helps
organizations keep up with changes within their technology infrastructure and across the dynamic threat landscape. This helps clients stay continuously current in their protections and compliance, even in the face of evolving regulations, oversight and threat risks.