G2 Ops Leadership:

Expecting & delivering the highest standards

G2 Ops Leadership:

Expecting & delivering the highest standards

Tracy Gregorio


Tracy leads G2 Ops with a focus on quality engineering, technological innovation and global expansion. Her history of working in information technology…

Robert Gregorio

Chief Operating Officer

Bob brings over 20 years of Navy and government experience to provide the vision and strategy for G2 Ops. His well-rounded understanding…

Kevin Esser

Executive Vice President & Chief Business Officer

Kevin manages the delivery of G2 Ops’ portfolio of security engineering, cybersecurity, and systems engineering…

John Tyreman

Senior Vice President

John is in charge of the technologies, systems and capabilities that enable G2 Ops clients to develop and integrate complex systems with…

Dan Williams

Vice President of Systems Engineering

Dan’s group leads clients in transition from documentation-based to model-based engineering environments…

Stacy Fawcett

Vice President of West Coast Operations

Stacy is an entrepreneurial leader, with over 20 years’ experience creating successful global teams, fostering collaborative…

Corren McCoy

Vice President of Software Engineering & Chief Data Strategist

Corren has designed and delivered data-driven enterprise solutions for higher education, healthcare…