G2 Ops Leadership:

Expecting and delivering the highest standards

G2 Ops Leadership:

Expecting & delivering the highest standards

Tracy Gregorio

Tracy Gregorio

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of G2 Ops, Inc., Ms. Gregorio has successfully grown the company by fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, and by ensuring that her team is equipped to handle complex engineering challenges. With a background in information technology…

Robert Gregorio

Robert Gregorio


Bob Gregorio, President of G2 Ops, Inc. brings over 12 years’ experience in defense contracting and is a 20-year navy veteran. His expertise in business management…

Kevin Esser, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Officer, G2 Ops

Kevin Esser

Executive Vice President

Kevin manages the delivery of security, engineering and cyber security services for G2 Ops. He works with clients to manage execution …

John Tyreman, Chief Engineer, G2 Ops

John Tyreman

Senior Vice President

John is in charge of the technologies, systems and capabilities that enable G2 Ops clients to develop and integrate complex systems with…

Tim Snyder

Tim Snyder

VP Program Management

Tim is responsible for defining and developing project and program management best practices, processes, and policies to ensure alignment…

Dan Williams, Chief Architect, G2 Ops

Dan Williams

VP of Model-Based Systems Engineering & Chief Architect

Dan’s group leads clients in transition from documentation-based to model-based engineering environments…

Corren McCoy

VP Software Engineering & Chief Data Strategist

Corren has designed and delivered data-driven enterprise solutions for higher education, healthcare, accounting, manufacturing, and retail clients.

Dean Smith, VP Security Engineering

Dean Smith

VP Security Engineering

Dean leads G2 Ops’ portfolio of Security Engineering capabilities and service delivery.  Dean has more than 24 years of experience in cybersecurity, system development, and enterprise…

Glenn Eberhardt

Associate Vice President of Systems Engineering

Glenn heads G2 Ops’ accomplished group of systems engineers to provide successful outcomes for our clients by utilizing cutting-edge digital engineering solutions that enable data-driven decisions. He ensures that appropriate engineering…

Mike Ciancio

Director of Information Technology

Mike brings a hybrid background of cybersecurity and information technology management to G2 Ops’ IT department. Mike holds…

Gabby Morfeld, Director of Human Resources

Gabby Morfeld

Director of Human Resources

Gabby has been with G2 Ops since August 2018. During her time with the company, she has progressed from Human Resources (HR) Intern, HR Coordinator, HR Manager, and is presently the HR Director…

Kenneth Rhodes

Senior Facility Security Officer

Kenneth leads G2 Ops’ compliance with government and company security policies and procedures by coordinating aspects of the DoD or other…

Chris Lewis


Chris is currently the Controller at G2 Ops,. His responsibilities include Provisional Rate Development, financial planning and analysis,…

Matthew Chadwick

Director, Commercial Cybersecurity Services

Matthew leads G2 Ops’ Cybersecurity Services business, which provides cybersecurity compliance consulting and support to both commercial and …