Robert Gregorio



Bob brings over 20 years of diverse Navy and government experience to provide the vision and strategy for G2 Ops. His well-rounded understanding of how equipment is used, how to develop system requirements for operational fleets and how it is resourced at the Pentagon gives him unique insight that is invaluable to clients.

Bob is a certified systems modeling architect. He is able to connect a broad understanding of the existing and potential problems and risks businesses face across a wide spectrum of use cases and craft future solutions to avert them.

Bob has honed an acute intuition for risk, managing people and developing teams. He has an innate sense of team building and has helped recruit and inspire the teams that G2 Ops clients depend on.

Following his distinguished Navy career, he spent 6 years working in the Pentagon as a Resource Sponsor for the Chief of Naval Operations. There, he helped manage a $1 billion portfolio, including the presidential budget for defense, and became increasingly familiar with the complexities – and the importance – of optimizing vast networked systems.

Bob lives in Virginia Beach with his family. He enjoys snow skiing every winter in Jackson Hole.