Model threats and plan risk remediations while

maintaining visibility into the current state of your systems.

Model threats and risk remediation plans while

maintaining visibility into the current state of your systems.

G2 Ops Risk Management

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats and must be protected. Unified Risk Management (URM) provides a holistic view of business risks so that remediation can be prioritized and organizations can efficiently defend themselves.

Customize your loss exposure metrics

Build comprehensive risk awareness throughout your organization in relatable business language.

Unified risk management (URM) normalizes risk conversations between business and technology leaders.

Today’s cyber-threat landscape poses exceptional risks. But managing the business impact of cyber risk requires understanding the unique relationships among and between an organization’s operations and its technology assets.

G2 Ops’ analytical approach to URM delivers customized measurement of risk impact and likelihood, articulates operational data and gives business leaders the capacity to easily understand cyber risk. Operational security and business metrics provide unified viewpoints and consistent terminology for communicating risk based on organizational impact. This allows leaders to better collaborate in the development of prioritized mitigation plans and targeted spending plans for technology and organizational resources so that they can strategically buy down risk. Ultimately, URM empowers leaders to dissolve internal silos and assume cyber risk ownership through a unified management approach.

Powerful Counterpart

Digital Twins enhance risk awareness

While standard frameworks, like NIST or FAIR, are frequently used to prioritize cyber threat remediation, this one-size-fits-all approach may leave critical assets exposed. Our URM enhances the framework by pairing it with a digital twin model, enriching data sets with native business intelligence to customize global threat intelligence based on business criticality. We then apply advanced analytics, calculating the likelihood of cyber events, quantifying potential impact to business operations and prioritizing risk mitigation so that you can justify remediation and modernization spending.

At G2 Ops, our impact methodology focuses on three core elements to build comprehensive risk awareness throughout your organization.

• Identify Business Value
• Measure Impact to Operations
• Prioritize Risk Mitigation Strategies