8 Things to Know for Health and Happiness

8 things to know for health and happiness

Richard Pham – G2 Ops Systems Engineer

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Feeling better is closer than you think and easy to achieve. There are 8 things to know for true health and happiness. However, your goals, your health, and your desire for a healthier lifestyle must be specific to you. But if you rated your personal health and fitness on a scale from 1 to 10, what would it be?

Now ask yourself, where do you really want to be and what is holding you back? Often times it isn’t a lack of knowledge that holds you back, it’s lack of perspective.

Some people will say you don’t want it enough, or you lack the will power, but there’s no point in shaming yourself. Changing the way you look at health and fitness are the keys to living a better and healthier life. So, here are 8 things to know for Health and Happiness.

How do you get Fit?

We all know that there is so much information out there from the Keto diet to Intermittent Fasting to Body Building to Yoga. All of which are potentially great plans backed with years of research by very smart people but can often times be overwhelming. The truth of it is, finding the things that make you come alive is what provides the right motivation. The things that inspire you create motion in your life.

We live in a time where it is too easy to be lazy. We can now get food delivered to our house within minutes, movies no longer need to be rented out from a store location, and remote work is now common. Hopefully I can deliver on some practical steps that will help boost your ability to live a healthier lifestyle. Living a healthier life, will help you have a healthier mind. Having a healthier mind will help you be a healthier human. Being a healthy human will help you be a healthier spouse, parent, sibling, coworker, or friend. Which will then create healthier communities.

Being a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a Muscle Contest Novice Men’s Physique Competitor, there are simple principles that helped me in my journey to living a more holistic life. So, here are eight things you can employ to shift your perspective to start living a healthier and happier life.

Start Small. Rome was not built in a day. 1000 miles traveled always begins with a single step. Instead of trying to go to the gym 5 days out of the week for your new year’s resolution, start off with once a week for a month and gradually progress to 5 if that is your goal.

Don’t Compare. Comparison is the thief of joy. Genetics, upbringing, athletic background, medical conditions, they are unique and specific to each individual. If you are going to compete, compete with yourself from yesterday.

Make Healthy Choices Easy, Make Unhealthy Choices Hard. Pick a gym that might be on your route to and from work. It’ll be easier to add into your life if you don’t have to make huge adjustments to your current lifestyle. Pay for food with cash only. Not only will you emotionally feel it when you make a purchase, if you commit to it, then when you “forget” your cards at home you won’t be tempted to order take-out. Another option is to only buy food you know you’ll cook and eat, remove the junk food.

Ask for help. Find people that have the experience or the results you are looking for. Ask them for tips that helped them achieve their goals. Building a community with people with similar goals and aspirations will keep you accountable and make life more enjoyable. Classes are amazing for this.

Setup a Routine. This is crucial. We are all creatures of habit. There is no such thing as a perfect routine, but the best routine is the one you follow. This will take a commitment. Plan this out with a loved one. Get it written on paper. Print it out and post it around your house where you can see it. Soon enough the routine will become second nature and you can start to refine it and build on it with your newfound knowledge about yourself as you go.

Journal or Track. This allows us to monitor our progress or help us see our consistency. Journaling can be personal to you, whether that’s a daily mind dump, or letters to yourself. Tracking can also be fun, like putting beads in a jar, or crossing off days on a calendar, or putting stickers on a progress sheet. If you miss a couple days or get a little off track, don’t get down on yourself. Simply get back on it and start anew. The goal is to keep moving.

Shift from “I Have to” to “I Get to”. Living a healthier life is a privilege. Don’t treat everything as a sacrifice. Don’t see things as limiting yourself from eating or forcing yourself to go to the gym. You can see it as opportunities to save money and cook at home, or time for you to get some personal time and listen to some of your favorite music or audiobook.

Focus on the Outcome. Don’t get caught up in how you’re feeling in the moment. Of course, know your limitations, but focus on the outcome. Think about the walks on the beach with your family that you’ll get to enjoy because you have the energy. Think about the beautiful views from the hikes and adventures you’ll be going on as you exercise. For weddings or special occasions, focus on the outfit that you’ll be slimming down for and looking so elegant or handsome in.

Final Words

Hopefully these 8 things to know for health and happiness provide value. May your journey towards a healthier lifestyle influence those around you, encouraging them to believe that if one person can do it, so many others can also. Excited to hear any and all testimonies of a healthier life well lived.


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