G2 Ops and the AT&T 5G Smart Warehouse Network

Naval Base Coronado 5G Warehouse ribbon cutting ceremony

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On April 28, 2022, at Naval Base Coronado in Coronado California, the Navy conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the launch of their 5G Smart Warehouse Network.

The focus of the Smart Warehouse project is on shipments between shore facilities and at-sea naval units. The goal is to increase the fidelity and efficiency of naval logistical operations to include material and supply identification, organization, storage, recording, retrieval, and transportation.

“Using 5G-enhanced technology, the program seeks to increase the efficiency and fidelity of naval logistic operations including identification, recording, organization, storage, retrieval, and the transportation of materiel and supplies.”[1]

A team of companies focused on technology and innovative solutions partnered to bring this project to life. Led by AT&T, the team consisted of large and small companies including Ericsson, SAIC, La Jolla Logic, and G2 Ops. Each company played a part by contributing their specific set of skills and experience.

During the ceremony, demonstrations of the system were put on full display. Significant capabilities of the 5G system include Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), 360 Degree Video Streaming of 5G Network room over 5G, Augmented Reality (AR), and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), among others. G2 Ops directed the development of the entire 5G network in model form, establishing an Authoritative Source of Truth for the architectural Baselines, requirements management, technical documentation, and definitive, ‘one location’ source for all warehouse design artifacts.

G2 Ops was chosen as a trusted partner to provide Model-Based Systems Engineering support. In this role, we were given the opportunity to support the entire Systems Engineering lifecycle using innovative digital engineering capabilities. Fully integrated into the team, G2 Ops worked with each of the team members to digitize their solutions. This included the network physical and behavioral architecture, systems requirements, RMF automation, parametric analysis, and test and integration.

G2 Ops was able to pilot our latest developments in RMF automation. Our data collection and analysis tools allow for system automation where previously manual input and analysis were needed. The savings in cost and time utilizing our automation tools are significant.

In supporting this effort, G2 Ops provided development and maintenance support across the spectrum of project responsibilities including the System Requirements Verification Matrix (SRVM), Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), the Test and Evaluation Strategy (TES) and support for the development of the Interface Control Document (ICD), among other key elements required.

The core competencies of this project were a welcome challenge for G2 Ops as we learned to leverage the latest generation of cellular technology to improve warehouse operations to enable better support for the US warfighter. Having no previous experience in 5G or cellular communications, G2 Ops was able to leverage our extensive MBSE experience and apply it to warehouse operations and communications functionality.

Being included in the ceremony at Naval Base Coronado provided welcome recognition for our company’s ability to positively influence projects with a technological focus. Business and project collaboration with other technology companies further advances our opportunities to prove MBSE and its related functionality improve process development, work flow, the final product, and ultimately customer satisfaction.


[1] https://www.defense.gov/News/Releases/Release/Article/3016602/department-of-defense-hosts-ribbon-cutting-for-5g-smart-warehouse-network/



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