How to Build A Cybersecurity Strategy

Do you remember when you were younger, and a parent would ask “Did you get your homework done?” Very often our response is “I will get it done” and most often the night before the assignment was due, we were up at all hours finishing the assignment; tired, stressed and maybe even handing it in full of errors. What were we waiting for?  We ask the same question when it comes to protecting your company from Cyber-attacks. In 2016 an estimated 14 million small companies experienced a cybersecurity breach. It is the small business who often thinks, “Why would anyone attack me? I don’t have anything anyone wants.”

The best thing you can do to protect your company or organization is to play “Winning Offense,” understand your risks and put a strategy in place before you are attacked.

Where do I start?

At G2 Ops we focus on creating a road map for your company and we take time to identify your vulnerabilities and recommend changes in policy, procedures and/or technology to improve your cyber posture. The following are the types of questions/information we will gather together:

  • Documentation of your systems and architecture
  • Understand how data flows in and out of your company
  • How are you protecting your data?
  • What policies do you have in place to strengthen the resiliency of your company against attacks?

When it comes to implementing your “Winning Offense”, create a plan and understand your weaknesses and turn them into strengths over time with targeted investments.  Every company/organization is unique and has their own set of risks. At G2 Ops our goal is to identify these risks and create a road map for continuous improvement into the future. Depending on your size, we may leverage Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and advanced analytics to measure risk and prioritize remediation efforts.

We define clear governance to establish a sound security program, deliver operational guidance and verify organizational security posture. Resulting in a road map to continue to protect you for years to come.