G2 Ops Kids: Andrew Raines

This summer we highlighted the children of current employees, and the impact these G2 Ops Kids are having on their communities. This concludes the G2 Ops Kids series.

Andrew Raines, a 14-year-old native of Virginia Beach, has been a junior intern at G2 Ops over the summer. Andrew worked on a Cybersecurity for Teenagers video for the G2 Ops website. The purpose of the video is to communicate to teens about being aware of their surroundings – even on the Internet. Andrew has an interest in video production along with filming and editing. He has several original movies in his portfolio.

Andrew plays soccer for the Advance Team, Lightning, of Beach FC, as a right defender. His other interests include video games, hanging with friends, hunting, target shooting, and volunteering at local events. He is excited to start high school this fall as an entering freshman. Andrew is a conscientious student who works to maintain his grades. Andrew is the nephew of Bob and Tracy Gregorio, COO and President of G2 Ops, Inc.

Andrew partnered with Jon Bucci, a film student at Regent University, also an intern at G2 Ops, Inc., to develop the video. Jon wrote the script and together he and Andrew created and edited the video.

Check out his video here.