An Inside Look at the G2 Ops 2019 Innovation Challenge

The second Annual G2 Ops Innovation Challenge wrapped up earlier this month. Four teams tackled the challenge framed as a series of progressive milestones where teams used U.S. Coast Guard data to develop a classification system and risk analysis methodology to predict the probability of an accident, injury, and amount of potential financial losses through statistical analysis, simulation, and parameter driven what-if scenarios. At the start, all teams were provided a data set and a collection of maritime research papers which described various techniques for data analysis. Teams were free to implement the suggested techniques or employ methodologies of their own. Additional objectives teams were asked to incorporate in their solutions included historical trend analysis, environmental factors, maritime intelligence, risk assessment, and integration of Microsoft Power BI and HoloLens. Teams presented their analysis through visualizations and dashboards created with Microsoft Power BI.

Systems Engineer, Kylee Kohl, offered some insight on how her team tackled – and managed to win – the challenge.  In addition to Kylee, the winning members of Team 2 included Matthew Chadwick (Program Project Manager), Steve Kurak (Senior Security Engineer), and Chris Lewis (Controller). The team developed a Maritime Incident Risk Predictor (MIRP) which classifies risk based on maritime incident factors related to vessel maneuverability, hydrodynamics, and port geography. According to Kylee, the diverse background and expertise of each member of Team 2 ultimately lead to their successful development of a unique and viable approach to the challenge at hand. Team 2 also prioritized the power of frequent sync-up meetings and diligent work inside and outside of the office to ensure the project was steadily moving in the right direction. Some of the team’s biggest challenges in navigating the task at hand included management of the provided database. Filtering and manipulating the data to ultimately create relevant dashboards that lead to insightful conclusions proved difficult, but after a little trial and error the team was able to develop a system with the desired capabilities. We can’t give away too many details on what those are! Bottom line – the team’s perseverance and creative solutions earned them a first-place win and the $10,000 prize!

Congratulations to all four teams for their commitment and dedication to this year’s Innovation Challenge. Leadership was thoroughly impressed by the ingenuity present in each and every team’s solutions. G2 Ops looks forward to further developing the methodologies presented in this year’s projects and is excited to see the creativity next year’s challenge will bring!


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