G2 Ops Presents: How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts

protecting social media accounts

Quinn Bittinger-Esser – G2 Ops Research Analyst Intern

Social media, cybersecurity, social engineering, Organizations concerned about cybersecurity, passwords, data, information, personal information

Estimated time to read: 3 minutes


How do you protect your work and personal social media accounts from malicious hackers?

For DoD contractors like G2 Ops, it is critical employees follow the best practices to keep their accounts secure. Bad actors can exploit information directly from your posts and use it to guess your passwords. They can impersonate you, spear phish your friends and coworkers, hack into your email or computer, gain access to sensitive and compromising data for you and your business, and blackmail you. Fortunately, there are simple practices you and your coworkers can take advantage of to fight off the hackers.


How Your Social Media Account is Exploited

There are three main ways your social media account can be hacked into. The first is a brute force attack in which the hacker uses information available on your social media profile to guess your password. They can use this information to log into your email, work computer, bank account, retirement account, and more. Bad actors can also make phishing pages that look legitimate and if clicked, trick you into giving away personal information or to download a virus. Lastly, a trojan horse attack is when you click on something you believe you want to download but it is not what it appears, and your device is compromised. These tactics have exploited high-profile social media accounts such as the Associated Press, U.S. Central Command, and the Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Kanye West, and more in 2020.


Presentation on June 27

You can learn how to prevent one of these attacks by watching the Social Media & Cybersecurity Lunch & Learn presentation. The presentation will cover real-life examples of organizations being victim to social engineering, basic tips to keep your social media secure, how to make a great password, how to change your privacy settings, how to talk about work online, how to identify and report fake accounts, and the dangers of using TikTok.


Why Attend this Presentation

Feel like you already know how to keep your social media secure? Last year, the Lunch & Learn presentation taught many G2 Ops employees about new topics related to cybersecurity, even those with an abundance of knowledge of cybersecurity. This year, the presentation covers even more topics based on the ever-changing environment of social media.


How to Watch the Presentation

Tune into the 45-minute webinar on June 27 @1:00pm via Microsoft Teams: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_ZmY4NjhmYzUtYjI5My00OGJiLWJhNjgtZmZhOTFhZjVkOTcx%40thread.v2/0?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22f742b43a-f274-4f1d-a3ae-c18abb5b5cfe%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%227cf8aa62-4c21-4398-84bd-9ce1b24adc02%22%7d



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