Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)


G2 Ops, Inc. was awarded a SBIR Phase III Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) in October 2019 as a continuation of our SBIR Phase I and II award Topic N181-051, Unified Cybersecurity System Modeling of Naval Control Systems​.


What is a BOA?

A Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) is a written agreement that is negotiated between an agency, contracting activity or office, and a contractor that contains specific terms and clauses pertaining to future contracts or orders, a specific description of what services or supplies are to be provided, and the method of pricing, payment, and delivery of orders. A BOA is not a contract.

A BOA is often used to expedite contracting when requirements are uncertain for supplies or services and when specific items, quantities, and prices are not known at the time the agreement is executed, but significant requirements for such supplies or services are anticipated.


The BOA provides a direct path to engineering, modeling and cybersecurity services and product development supporting systems development and sustainment for all government entities. The BOA reduces potential risks by shortening the procurement timeline, allowing for unlimited ceilings and removing LPTA buying practices.



Sole Source

The SBIR Authorization Act has provided all government entities the right to award sole-source funding through a SBIR Phase III BOA via application of a Delivery Order.

Exemption of SBA Size Standards

Phase IIIs are exempt from SBA’s size standards. SBIR firms can grow to any size and still get Phase IIIs for their technologies.

No Funding Ceilings

Phase IIIs have unlimited dollar potential. Unlike Phase Is or IIs, Phase III awards through the BOA have no funding restrictions. Some SBIR firms have been reported to have received Phase III awards in amounts of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Virtually Unlimited Activities

The types of activities on a Phase III are virtually unlimited. Activities might include but are not limited to research, research and development, services, products, production, or any combination thereof. This flexibility makes the Phase III a very useful tool for agency officials wanting to improve processes and costs associated with mission completion.

Facilitates Team Building

On-ramping of industry partners is rapid and unrestricted, making the BOA a quick and easy option for accessing expertise and building high performing engineering teams under centralized management.



The following is a method for utilizing the current G2 Ops SBIR Phase III BOA.

Leverage Current NAVAIR BOA

Place a Delivery Order (DO) on the current BOA contract

  • Customer notifies NAVAIR of intent to place a DO
  • Customer works with NAVAIR and G2 Ops to develop required documentation
  • 3-4 month timeline for DO authorization and application of funding