G2 Ops Adds Chief Information Security Officer to Team

At G2OPS, we strive to develop and deliver model-based systems engineering solutions to address complex problems as well as being dedicated to the betterment of enterprise cybersecurity values and visions as the core foundation of our business objectives and practices.  With the steady increase of new cybersecurity threats being discovered on a daily basis, it is essential that organizations such as ours have a well-defined information security foundation to complement these business goals and objectives.  Therefore, in the pursuit of continuing to improve upon our enterprise security posture and ensure an increased protection of the data and information entrusted to us by our customers and employees, we are pleased to announce the formation of the department of the Chief Information Security Officer as the newest organizational enhancement to our ever-growing business. This new structure will focus, among many other things, on further shaping and defining our organizations security governance & policies, raising awareness of key security risks and threats through comprehensive training programs, strengthening our corporate infrastructure, and staying ahead of the ever changing threat landscape as an effort to proactively reinforce our core cybersecurity values and vision. We welcome you to join us as we look forward towards the bright and increasingly secure future that is shining over the horizon and onto our organization.