G2 Ops mentoring at Patrick Henry High School’s Engineering and Design Academy

One of the goals of the G2 OPS strategic plan Public Service, defined as becoming a resource in the local community. To support this goal, for the last two years I’ve supported a local high school’s engineering program.

As an alumnus of Patrick Henry High School (PHHS), I learned about the Engineering and Design Academy (EDA) because our youngest, Meredith, enrolled as a member of the PHHS EDA, I decided to find a way to support this program, as well as give back to the local community, and help grow new generations of young engineers.

The goal of the PHHS EDA is to: “Provide an academic environment designed to foster the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects, as well as expose students to the engineering, design, and computer science fields to prepare them to achieve their future academic and career goals.”

The EDA has a partnership with San Diego State University Engineering School, which will guarantee students who have met the minimum requirements enrollment. The EDA also has a Mentorship Program that matches local engineers, from various fields with interested students.

The Mentorship program consists of 6 meetings throughout the year with the students on campus, as well as a field trip where the students visit the mentor’s work place. The EDA provides each mentor with an outline for each monthly meeting where the mentor has an hour-and-a-half to cover topics ranging from:

  • Self Esteem and Personal Goals
  • Academic Goal-Setting
  • Mentor Interview, where the students interview and write an article about their mentor’s life “roadmap”
  • Resumes and Job Interview practice
  • Future Plans, where the mentor guides the students through a future plan template, and how to self-assess their yearly progress

I Just finished my second year as a mentor, I can honestly say I’ve benefitted as much as my students have. I am looking forward to continuing to support the PHHS EDA, and the G2 OPS Public Service Strategic Goal.

The PHHS EDA is looking for more mentors, as well as other support for their program. Here is a link to the EDA page, as well as a link to start the process to become a mentor.

Mentor Program: https://sites.google.com/a/patrickhenryeda.org/patrick-henry-engineering-and-design-academy/mentor

PHHS EDA Home Page: https://sites.google.com/a/patrickhenryeda.org/patrick-henry-engineering-and-design-academy/