G2 Ops, Inc. Joins the DataStax Partner Network Program

Virginia Beach, Virginia – 04/06/2015 – G2 Ops, Inc. today announced it has joined the DataStax Partner Network Program as a solutions partner. In today’s highly connected online economy, enterprises use data to engage customers and attack problems in bold new ways that were never before possible. As a member of the DataStax Partner Network Program, G2 Ops, Inc. provides systems and data flow modeling and cybersecurity architectural analysis that complements DataStax to power online applications that must remain in an “always-on” state across a broad range of environments.

G2 Ops, Inc. consists of experts in the field of model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Analytical advancements maximize the modernization potential for each project and ensure higher ROI for all complex integration efforts. Furthermore, in the cybersecurity sector, the G2 Ops staff is skilled in mining the architectural and systems data necessary to build detailed models of an organizations’ data infrastructure – and then putting those models to work building end-to-end cybersecurity defenses.

“G2 Ops looks forward to bringing the power of DataStax Enterprise to our clients and future customers,” stated Tracy Gregorio, President and CEO of G2 Ops. “This move will allow our clients to grow cost effectively all while improving global distribution and increasing performance.”

“Enterprise companies are increasingly adopting distributed database technology for mission-critical IOT, web and mobile applications, as a way to create and deploy new services,” said Roxann Kerner, Vice President of Global Alliances at DataStax. “G2 Ops, Inc. helps to solve one of the most difficult problems facing IT managers today – understanding a company as they currently operate and help them transform to efficiently and cost-effectively operate in the future.”

The DataStax Partner Network Program is designed to increase adoption of DataStax Enterprise, the Apache Cassandra-based database used by more than 500 companies including more than 30 in the Fortune 100. As a Solutions Partner, G2 Ops, Inc. accelerates DataStax Enterprise sales through services by engaging with global consulting and technology services providers.

About G2 Ops, Inc.

G2 Ops, Inc. is the sought after and preferred provider of innovative services in Cybersecurity and Data Modeling, Information Systems Engineering, and Strategic Consulting for dynamic environments around the world. Additionally, G2 Ops, Inc. is an EDWOSB, aiding federal government partners in meeting their goals.

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