G2 Ops Kids: Kevin Fawcett

This summer we’ll be highlighting the children of current employees, and the impact these G2 Ops Kids are having on their communities.

Kevin Fawcett, a 17-year-old Carlsbadian, has been a “surfanatic” since he was four and is in his element when he is in or around water. He’s always been very athletic. He raced motocross, played soccer and baseball for several years in addition to enjoying wake and snowboarding. Each sport has taken a backseat to surfing and the hobby has turned into a “beautiful addiction,” as he puts it.

Kevin has competed professionally over the years and was selected up to represent a surf and lifeguard apparel company based out of Carlsbad called Original Waterman. He started by working lifeguard and surf events and then was picked up to work in the warehouse, fulfilling orders.

Rather than buying boards, Kevin took up carving his own and he trades boards as he outgrows them. He’s so well-versed in surfboard brands and variations that the locals have learned to respect him and provide discount prices.

His way of life is pretty set these days. Surf before and after school and work. Vacation destinations are based on surf locations and their respective seasons. He’s surfed a world-renowned location in Baja, Scorpion Bay, each summer since he was 7. And finally, college destinations are being considered solely around the ocean and surf.

When asked why he enjoys surfing so much, Kevin’s response is usually pretty simple; it’s peaceful, mystical, heavenly, free and always available, and it has a strong emphasis on nature.

Kevin Fawcett is the son of Stacy Fawcett-Wilson, Vice President of West Coast Operations for G2 Ops, Inc.