G2 Ops Kids: Meredith Drake

This summer we’ll be highlighting the children of current employees, and the impact these G2 Ops Kids are having on their communities.

Earlier this year, San Diego Gas and Electric company sponsored a contest throughout the school district challenging each student body to identify ways to conserve energy at school, and develop creative ways to get the rest of the students involved.

The administration at Patrick Henry High School asked the Engineering and Design Academy to tackle the problem. The students identified one of the best ways to save energy was to target what they called “sleeper” waste. Sleeper waste occurs when the adapters for electronic devices are plugged in but not in use. Students realized that electronic devices, including television and other large pieces of equipment, continue to draw power while turned off, but plugged in overnight. To get the message out to the Patrick Henry community the students produced a short video, and posted it to YouTube.

Meredith Drake was the primary script writer for the video script, and she also participated extensively in the analysis of the energy problem and the identification of the ways to save power.

As a result of their efforts, Henry High school came in third place in overall energy savings, and their campaign was designated, “Most Creative.” On June 14th, 2016, students from Patrick Henry High School were presented with a plaque and a check during the San Diego Unified School District Board meeting.

Meredith Drake is the daughter of Todd Drake, Systems Engineer for G2 Ops, Inc.