Why Cyber Resiliency might be your Best Cloud Sales Pitch

Why Cyber Resiliency might be your Best Cloud Sales Pitch

Many government agencies still don’t feel a compelling reason to migrate to the cloud but a focus on cybersecurity might be the lever you need to unlock that business.


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, April 27, 2023 – Despite the Cloud First directive of 2010 and Cloud Smart in 2019, it’s been a slow process migrating Federal systems to the cloud. It’s not for lack of capacity: providers such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, and Oracle have all invested to create federal-compliant cloud capacity far beyond demand. But, while Cloud Smart provides strong guidelines on how to migrate, many agencies haven’t felt a compelling motivation for such a move. Federal contractors can unlock cloud migration business opportunities by educating agency CIOs on how cloud platforms can enhance their cyber resilience. Cyber resilience is an often-overlooked aspect of cybersecurity. No matter how many resources an organization devotes to cyber defenses, an attack on their systems will undoubtedly be successful someday. There are five attributes of cloud infrastructures that federal contractors should keep in mind that reinforce how migration to the cloud can unlock powerful resilience capabilities for mission critical systems.

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