Other Transactional Authority (OTA)

G2 Ops is a member of C5 consortium of leading companies, academic institutions and other organizations with expertise in C4ISR and cyber technology. C5 delivers an accelerated means of acquisition for the Government by its management of a single, flexible, long-term acquisition instrument.

C5 accelerates the development and deployment of new capabilities to the Warfighter through the use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA). An OTA is a cost effective and collaborative acquisition instrument that allows agencies to enter a contract with G2 Ops other than the traditional Government contract.

G2 Ops offers its Model-Based System Engineering services and Security Engineering abilities through C5’s OTA, which may be used for basic, applied and advanced research and prototype development.

How it Works:

C5 shall serve as both the consortium manager and contract administrator, providing an independent, transparent single interface between G2 Ops and the Government. How an award works:

  • At any time during the year, program managers can solicit technology solutions for their funded requirements via C5.
  • The Government reaches G2 Ops and all other members through a request for whitepaper.
  • C5 issues the request to its members and all members are eligible to reply with a compliant whitepaper.
  • Whitepapers are then selected for review by the Government Program Manager. The Program Manager has complete authority to choose the contractor of its choice.

When to Use an OTA:

An OTA can be issued when the following occurs;

  1. The Awardee is a non-traditional defense contractor or small business such as G2 Ops.
  2. The awardee is a traditional defense contractor, but one of the following applies:
    • At least one non-traditional contractor is participating to a significant extent.
    • Awardee provides financial or in-kind cost share – typically a 1/3 cost share is required.
    • The Service Acquisition Executive makes a written determination that the exceptional circumstances justify the use of OTA for the purpose of executing innovative business models or structures that would not be feasible or appropriate in a FAR based contract.