The digital twin provides

a validated model you can count on.
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Digital Twin Technology

The digital twin is a digital proxy of your systems, data, network, activities and operations that provides a view of past, present and future behavior. G2 Ops uses model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to create digital twins that provide a single integrated view of your distributed technology infrastructure overlaid with your business processes. This allows us to solve problems faster by detecting them sooner and predicting outcomes to a much higher degree of accuracy than is possible otherwise.

G2 Ops uses digital twin technology to capture the mission threads that run through your infrastructure and highlight data flow and system dependencies to gain a comprehensive view of your “as is” environment. This allows us to virtually eliminate guesswork from determining the best course of action to take in configuration planning for your modernization, obsolesce and cybersecurity. You can see where modernization is most needed and where protection measures will best ensure continuity and security for your critical data and business processes. And, you gain actionable insights to know how to prioritize your technology improvements based on business impact.

Smarter Intelligence

Digital Twin technology identifies weaknesses and measures impact before incidents occur.
IDENTIFY how your organization manages information
MEASURE resiliency and effectiveness of security contols
PRIORITIZE system and technology trade-offs
IDENTIFY where critical assets intersect with business processes
MEASURE system performance against operational requirements
PRIORITIZE where modernization is most needed
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Digital Twins enhance risk awareness

While standard frameworks, like NIST or FAIR, are frequently used to prioritize cyber threat remediation, this one-size-fits-all approach may leave critical assets exposed. Our URM enhances the framework by pairing it with a digital twin model, enriching data sets with native business intelligence to customize global threat intelligence based on business criticality. We then apply advanced analytics, calculating the likelihood of cyber events, quantifying potential impact to business operations and prioritizing risk mitigation so that you can justify remediation and modernization spending.

At G2 Ops, our impact methodology focuses on three core elements to build comprehensive risk awareness throughout your organization.

• Identify Business Value
• Measure Impact to Operations
• Prioritize Risk Mitigation Strategies

The creation and use of a Digital Twin typically includes the following processes.

  1. Baseline definition and capture.
  2. Baseline management.
  3. Impact assessments.
  4. Change impact models.